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Gawad Kalinga is often synonymous with villages and infrastructure designed for the marginalized or victims of natural calamities. The construction of more than 2,300 communities across the Philippines has bestowed Gawad Kalinga the expertise in the field of social reintegration. The villages provide both material and intangible support necessary for the sustainable development of communities.


The GK Community Infrastructure Program (CIP) is in charge of the construction of infrastructures designed for beneficiaries. It includes cultural centers, schools, health centers, as well as the colorful houses characteristic of GK villages. Each village is built with the participation of residents and also volunteers.

Programs in Gawad Kalinga villages

Youth support

The GK CYD program (Child and Youth Development) accompanies the children and the youth in the communities through the provision of affordable courses including education programs and sport activities. The program is developed based on available areas in the region.

Community development

The GK building program is about making GK communities independent through community organization and a formation system instituted by GK.

Green Kalinga

The environmental program of Gawad Kalinga teaches the beneficiaries respect for the environment through the provision of infrastructures as well as awareness programs designed for both the older and younger generations.

Combatting malnutrition

Bayan-Anihan is a program which combats malnutrition through health and nutrition trainings together with a distribution system for essential daily needs. It aims to provide the residents with sufficient food supply produced independently within the village.

Medical assistance

GK Kalusugan is a mission to ensure medical assistance for all beneficiaries in Gawad Kalinga villages. Volunteer doctors and nurses are mobilized to provide the necessary health care required for all.

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