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The philippines and its culture


The results accomplished by Gawad Kalinga were realized across the years thanks to the relentless efforts of its people. The management and implementation of a project does not simply involve discovering the culture of the Philippines but also the culture of Gawad Kalinga.

Thus, it is important to bring a sharp and open mind, remaining humble to the people who have sacrificed lots of resources and energy to this endeavor.

A unique country in Southeast Asia!

The Philippines is a cosmopolitan archipelago that has over the centuries sheltered the people of Malaysia, Polynesia, China and the Middle East. Its population is composed of people who have conserved their ancestral culture and at the same time adopted a modern lifestyle. The country has a large Roman Catholic population with characteristics influenced by the Spanish and American colonial period as well as its political history.

The Philippines is rich in anthropological and religious diversity which gives it a unique identity in Southeast Asia.

Composed of more than 7,000 islands spread over 800 km between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, the Philippines is gifted with one of the richest marine biodiversity in the world. Situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the islands are the vestiges of active and inactive volcanoes, bestowing the archipelago with diverse landscapes: mountain chains with tropical forests and paradise islands with lush green landscapes.

Rules and behavioral guidelines

Participating in this experience in the Philippines and within Gawad Kalinga requires respect for certain rules so as not to disturb the balance in the Gawad Kalinga communities, and for proper functioning of the organization/enterprise.

Each candidate is required to submit a signed electronic copy of the Rules and Behavior Agreement . This form must be sent together with the application.

Among the rules to be followed are the following:

  • Romantic relationships: It is strictly prohibited to have romantic relationships with the villagers.

  • Dress code: Women are allowed to wear shorts, skirts, dresses and tank tops with the condition that they are not too short or revealing. For men, it is prohibited to be topless inside the village because it is often a style used by gangs to show their tattoos.

  • Alcohol and cigarettes: It is strictly prohibited to drink and smoke within a Gawad Kalinga village as it encourages future generations to do the same.

It is undeniable that the visit of foreign groups in the Gawad Kalinga villages has an impact on the behavioral patterns of the villagers, both positively and negatively, therefore it is necessary to act responsibly during your stay, respecting the rules put forth by GK.

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