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The Bayani Challenge is an annual event initiated in April 2006 which gathers together hundreds and thousands of volunteers across the Philippines to create a national movement for rural reconstruction. The etymology of the word Bayani, which means “the giving and sacrificing of oneself”, is a character trait inherent in Philippine culture and that of Gawad Kalinga.

The “Bayani Challenge” takes place every year between April and June, with a growing number of volunteers each year. This increasing dynamism allows Gawad Kalinga to set more ambitious targets every year.

A national movement, but not the only one

In 2014, more than one million volunteers participated in this event in response to the destruction left behind by typhoon Yolanda and the massive earthquake in Bohol. This national effort has allowed for the construction of hundreds of villages, fishing boats and schools. Never in its history has the Philippines seen equal commitment for the reconstruction of the countryside.

Every year, more and more international volunteers come to join the Bayani Challenge. If you wish to participate in this adventure, we invite you to visit the website of Gawad Kalinga Philippines, To find out more about volunteer missions in Gawad Kalinga, visit our page on internship and volunteering.

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